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A data-driven management solution delivering community centric automation services to streamline and centralize a building’s operations including HVAC, power, security and other mechanical/electrical systems vital for it’s ecosystem to remain stable and secure. The platofrm analyzes data collected from this ecosystem and creates a complete data profile of facilities, in-house systems , and operations.

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Features of Connected Buildings

Universal Connectivity
Easy and quick connectivity to any BMS/BAS system, controllers, devices or sensors deployed by any OEM. Nectar platform is compatible with multiple communication protocols like MQTT, TCP, UDP & FTP.
Automated FDD
Proprietary FDD sequences & mesh of assets approach help to pinpoint the root cause for failures, generates automated work orders along with recommendations for skillsets & tools required. System learns over time from closure comments entered by technicians to improve the accuracy of recommendations.
Space & Comfort Analysis
Automated ML feature to analyze how a room or space is performing with respect to occupant comfort. Performance indexing is done in real time to optimize the equipment schedules for each space.
Digital Twins
AI driven What-If analysis of key equipment systems coupled with HVAC & Energy demand forecast enables building managers to deliver best performance within their Operational & Energy budgets.
Predictive Maintenance
Extend maintenance intervals and duration with automated performance indexing of your key assets. Weather predictions based operational recommendations and Energy Consumption based maintenance recommendations ensure that critical failures and repairs are always avoided.
Energy Management
Better HVAC Control strategies and Chilled Water Analysis ensures that the Energy consumption is always within the benchmarks. Dynamic schedule optimization and Nectar’s built in energy loss alarms always keep on energy consumption, without any human intervention.
Asset Lifecycle Management
Comprehensive & Automated ROI analysis of your maintenance operations tracking the profitability of your key assets from commissioning until replacement.
Life Critical Workflows
Gauge in Real time how prepared are your properties to handle a life critical situation long before a real emergency arises. Comprehensive reports on success/failure of your assets to perform along with automated initiation of remedial action.
A Step Towards
Self-Sufficient Buildings
Proactively monitor and control your buildings and automate all manual operations
Events & alarms triggered by predetermined metrics to enhance efficiency
Streamline & simplify building operations and maintenance
Prioritized suggestions for optimizing building assets and driving down emissions
Mitigate risk and limit liability issues with reduced human internvention

Added Values of
Connected Buildings

Data Driven Maintenance Operations
Take the guesswork out of your building management to ensure that you can meet your goals amidst tight budgets, limited resources & rising operational costs. Nectar offers you portfolio wide visibility into your operations by bringing information from a multitude of disparate sources into a unified data stream. Make smarter decisions by sharing actionable insights between different stakeholders, systems and processes.
Energy Efficiency
Our Results based approach ensures that you meet your emission benchmarks and energy saving goals without compromising on tenant comfort. Full scale multi utility M&V suite offered by Nectar facilitates ESCO style benchmarking, auditing and reporting to every building operator. Easily identify deviation from targets and pinpoint avoidable energy losses.
Real Time Reporting
Events like Life & Safety alarms and critical infrastructure failure needs to be reported in real time and over multiple channels. Contextual insights into your SLAs and KPIs ensure zero oversights. Zero dependency on manual readings or site monitoring ensures that all intelligence is delivered and actions are taken on time.
Better Experiences
Better engagements with the tenants through dedicated tenant portal & mobile apps ensure better all around end user experience. Be it a service request, billing services or insights into facilities usage patterns, You will always be above and beyond customer expectations.
Reduced Downtime and Cost
Ultra Intelligent FDD algorithms and predictive maintenance capabilities reduce unplanned downtime and corresponding repair costs.
Vendor Agnostic Approach
Powered by the homegrown universal IOT platform, Nectar offers a 100% vendor agnostic approach enabling the communication from any BMS/BAS system, controllers, devices and sensors over multiple communication protocols. Avoid costly vendor lock-ins, OEM restrictions and AMCs through Nectar’s hardware and vendor neutral implementation strategy.

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